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Name: Kaccv

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The Legend is a great hull design for multi purpose canoeing. Though it is not the best hull design against head or cross winds in open water it can handle it with proper stokes quite well. It is better designed for tripping White Water rivers. The best attribute of this legend of a canoe is its weight capacity vs it class 3-4 ability. Untouchable from that perspective. The only other hull design I like more is also a Dagger but rather the model Caper 14.4" stable, can handle about 1/2 the cargo capacity and handles White Water far better. Though not a good on open water on wind days.
NOTE:Any time one is paddling a canoe with appreciable rocker and no keel on open water windy or not complaints of paddling the craft are pilot error.

Just acquired a used beat up battle scarred Caper. I am Refreshing the Royalex hull to new as money allows. I got it primed sanded and second coat primed light sanding and ready for two coats of Supermarine Ironside marine paint. Cant wait to paddle this white water warrior back in a columbus GA Chattahoochee class 3-5 white water course. Did I mention this caper battle rolls easy:)

sure wish i had this boat back. I handle huge class 5 and + rapids extremely well solo or tandem. the absolute most stable and maneuverable white water boat designed. Great for long distant camping with gear to class 3 and up to 4. It trumps their Legend design in White water capability. Now own a Dagger Caption 14'.