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Name: steveB

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I own two Artic Hawks. I have put retractable skegs on both. E-mail me for pictures and directions. Pack light and simple, I taken extended trips in my boats. Fast and stable. Hang on when it broaches while on a surf. Almost rolls itself. Redo stock outfitting to improve control (seat, back band, thigh braces, deck), you will like the difference it makes. Great looks, speed and control.

Great boat. I added a set of thigh braces from a Transformer for better control, replaced the skeg cable with a stiffer cable and reshaped the skeg edge for better performance. Great in the surf, needs some skeg in a quartering wind, a lot of room for gear and almost rolls itself. I'm really impressed with this boat. Good speed, agile, just fun to paddle!

As a larger paddler (6' 175 lbs), I liked the tight responsive fit of the Sparrow Hawk. My glass boat is tough, handles calm to six foot waves with ease, great tracking and easy to roll. A great performance boat!

I'm 6' 175 lb. and like a tight fitting responsive boat. I have paddled the Baja on the Gulf of Mexico and in six foot sweels on Lake Michigan. The boat is easy to roll, fun to surf, will carry a weeks worth of light weight camping gear, is fast and easy to paddle. Only negative is poor rudder control in strong cross winds where you must rely on good paddling technique to keep a proper course.

I took my Shadow to Georgian Bay for a week of camping. Plenty of room for everything. Was able to tow a disabled powerboat in need of assistance in a high wind/rocky situation. Surfing six foot waves on Lake michigan is great in this boat. Is easy to roll. I put a Dagger rudder on for better cross wind paddling control. Only negative is the storage space taken up by the wide foam floatation walls. Overall a great boat!