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Name: CanoeBeyond

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This is faster than a 13' boat has a right to be. While it can't be compared to something like a Bell Magic of We-no-nah Advantage for all out speed, I did take my Oscoda to a local park board race on a lark and finished second by only a canoe length to a 15' Merlin. Fast, nimble and good final stability...

I disagree with the writer below as to hull strength. I've had mine for many years and it's still in excellent shape. My other canoes have not held up as well. TheOscoda's kevlar/fiberglass hull is close to bulletproof. It's been kept outside for that entire time. BTW, I live in Minnesota and we get our share of snow :-)

For a 13' solo this Dave Yost design is hard to beat in my opinion. The only real tradeoff being that the tough hull design also contributes to it's 46 pound weight.