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Name: navigator902

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OOPPS, Sorry for all the purist in the crowd, don't snub your noses. I use to be that way, but when I got on the Nucanoe I turned the page. Its a platform for fishing and a stable structure through design for older Kayakers. Its wide 42" beam makes it all possible. I can even stand and cast. Roomy cockpit which is the entire boat length. Captains seat makes life worth living. I use mine everyday now, and an't lookin back.

Being an older kayak fisherman, I've been pleased to ride the Nucanoe. Its wide beam 42", and stable design, offers you the comfort and reliability of a larger heavier boat.

Standing in the boat is easy for casting. Light weight, for such a stable comfortable boat. The captains chair offers storage and comfort while moving, or fishing. A very fine craft.