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Name: Tsunami

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I bought this to upgrade from the Carlisle Magic paddle that came with my used Lime Green kayak. The Seawhisper paddle is a serious upgrade and scoots me along the water at what feels like twice the speed. I bought it for the features, carbon handle, reflective striping, glow in the dark XL drip rings. dock hook and notch to grab fishing line, the adjustability is nice though once I tighten it down I leave it there. But mostly because it matches my kayak. I am greatly surprised at the big difference between the Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon kayak paddle and the other ones I have used in the past. While I have only become familiar with four other brands the Seattle Sports Seawhisper is by far the better of them all. I highly recommend the Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle 230/240cm to anyone who owns a kayak. Have no fear, it's money well spent.

I have quite a few quality knives, Benchmade, Kershaw, Gerber, Buck, and Spyderco plus others and more than one of each brand. I started kayaking and needed something for salt water so I wouldn't ruin a good knife. It's a sad fact that a lot of fatalities and near miss experiences happen because of entanglement while trying to exit the kayak while inverted. A serrated knife cuts rope better than a straight edge and thats why I bought this gem from Spyderco.

Spyderco has a good name for selling quality products and the Atlantic Salt is a beautiful addition to their lineup. Its Rust Free Serrated Edge is the perfect knife for my needs and it is impressively sharp. I shaved some hair off my arm easily and without effort as well as cut my finger playing with it, believe me it is sharp! The serrated blade will leave a jagged cut but in an emergency I don't really care what my opposition looks like when I am done, all that matters is if I need it-it will do what its designed to do without falter. Even though it's not pointed it could gut a fish easily and quickly.

The Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife is a high quality item that is worth more than it costs. I highly recommend this knife to anyone who works or plays around salt water, or fresh water for that matter. The H1 steel will not rust so if your not like me and don't care for your knives just rinse it off and throw it in your tackle box without worry.

Its thin and light, perfect for clipping to the front of my PFD and its bright yellow so it can be easily found if dropped on shore or hiking through the bush. It has a hole to attach a lanyard while on the water and the clip is reversible for left or right hand use.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Spyderco Atlantic Salt, if I ever loose it I will buy another without hesitation.

This is Loud! I blasted it in my apartment a few times and my ears were ringing. I believe the sound would carry outdoors quite some distance. For the price their is no reason not to get one; it's a safety issue so it's money well spent.
I definitely recommend this JetScream Whistle.

I like this PFD, it's comfortable and adjusts to fit quite well. It doesn't ride up either. I like the pockets, they are not huge but if they were they would get in the way of paddling. I like the fact it has lined hand pockets for when you're kicking back not paddling.
My one gripe is their are no D-rings to attach additional things I want handy, this is the only negative.

This is a fine PFD and I am glad I got it, I will probably take it in to have some D-rings sewn on to make it the perfect PFD.
I would recommend it just the way it is though, it is worth the money. Few other life jackets have what the Voyager has to offer.

These are great, comfortable and warm, the ocean was 7.2C/45F today. I bought one size bigger because I wear thick wool socks in my drysuit and then these boots. They are stretchy and I could have gotten away with my regular size I believe, no matter though they don't flop around at all and are actually quite snug fitting. The souls are soft and flexible enough to feel everything under my feet but they are thick enough that my feet don't hurt stepping on rocks at the beach. They look great too.
I recommend these to anyone who will be going out in cold water.

It pumps a lot of water. It shoots water a good 6 to 7 feet and would be good in a close range water fight. It matches my lime green kayak. Floats when full of water-I tested it just to see. I definitely recommend this pump just for the fact it pumps a lot of water in a short time, great pump.

I was trepidatious about spending more than ten dollars on a sponge but a friend pointed out its Safety gear for kayaking so I bit the bullet and ordered it. I must say that it has been worth the expense. In salt water a dollar store sponge wouldn't have held up and this Skwoosh sponge really soaks up the water! I was and still am amazed at how well this Skwoosh sponge really works, it takes on a huge amount of water and drys my kayak cockpit down to the last drop. I think the tide actually rose a little when I was done ringing it out, lol. It seems to be quite durable so far as well.

I have to recommend this Skwoosh Bilge Sponge highly and add that I have never seen anything like it. Well worth the money.

For such a thin shirt it helps to keep me warm better than I thought it would, even when soaked with sweat. The fabric breathes well and drys quickly in a breeze. It is a little bit stretchy and hugs my shape well and I find the white stripes down the arms fashionable. I bought two of them for kayaking but wear them when I am out exploring dry ground as well. I got them on sale but believe they are worth the regular full price.

I would buy them again and recommend them for any activity where its important to stay warm when wet. One big plus is after it drys from sweating It doesn't smell like body odor like a cotton shirt does. Great for overnight kayaking trips.

I bought this to save having to swim to get my kayak paddle in the event I dropped it. It matches my lime green kayak so I paid a dollar more than the black one - was worth a dollar to have it matching my kayak.

It works well. When I put my paddle down for stability the leash hangs in the water but when wet it doesn't spray or flail water from moving around when I start paddling again. It can stretch a bit longer due to the elastic in the green cloth when needed and retracts without issue. The Velcro seems to hold when wet and I like the security of knowing my paddle isn't going to far when I stop to enjoy the scenery or take a picture. I use a lot of products from Seattle Sports and have been happy with the quality of their products.
I recommend having a paddle leash

It fit well as an under layer with stanfields on top. One thing i didn't like was after paddling my kayak and working up a sweat the dye ran and colored me red, I hope this stops happening after I wash it. Other than being Red after I stripped down It was comfortable and warm even though I was wet with sweat, so it did its job. I would recommend to wash it before using it if your going to sweat at all. seeing as it helped to keep me warm I would recommend this product.