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Name: Reeltime

Most Recent Reviews

This boat is short and portly making it very stable & maneaverable in tight backwater creeks. It is well equipt with center seat cooler, dry storage chamber, cup & paddle holders and bow and stearn lanyard rings. I have added quick release fishing rod holders and a small anchor to complete the package. I've been out in it with three pre-teen girls (my daughter and two neices) and even with their hopping around the boat and hanging arms & legs over the sides they could not capsize or sink it. The biggest down side to this craft is it's weight. At about 90# it is not easy for me to portage or get onto the roof of a car. An older person or small woman may find the task impossible to accomplish alone. I use a canoe dolly if I need to portage mine any distance. Don't be in any hurry with this boat either. The wide beam which makes this baby so stable also makes it plow threw the water like a bardge.

Summary: Not the best solo or tripper canoe but if you are looking for a family recreation boat or backwater fishing/birding platform it would be dificult to find a better deal.

I have the Sam's Club version of this craft called the "Rogue River". This is definitely a family play boat. It is stable as a barge which makes it great for fishing or for taking young kids and or the family dog out. The built in cooler & drink holders in the center seat are very handy. It also has a small dry box great for wallets, pocket cameras and car keys (car alarm remote controls don't like water!!!). The 3 molded seats have built in air chambers for floatation should you ever manage to swamp this boat. It is a "poly" boat which makes it quite rugged however the down side is that is weighs as much as a barge. If you are looking for a play/fishing platform this is a good choice for the price. If you are looking for a performance/cruising boat keep looking