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This past September I purchased the current 42 Lbs Paddleski barely used 2nd hand complete with older model SailRig, 28 Lbs trolling motor and many accessories. After purchasing a Sea Eagle 330SE and loving it a couple years ago, I was interested in getting one of their more expensive boats. Since I was a kid I wanted a Sunfish sailboat, but wasn't about to buy larger gas guzzling vehicle just so I had the ability to transport it.

The Paddleski is the most flexible kayak on the market for a kayak that will fit in the trunk of a small car, offer a full sail rig (vs a small down wind only sail) and the ability to motor too. It's a jack of all trade. True it's a master of none, few boats if any can match it for all it does as a single boat.

Paddling with no wind alone or with a friend works well. With some wind, much easier with two paddling. If it's stronger wind, can always sail or motor. The original Sail Rig offers a larger more traditional sail than the current version, and it also folds small enough to fit in my trunk vs the current model. However, the rudder is very inefficient for turning sharp which is needed in narrow areas, solved on the current model. offers a "pair" of steering oars that will likely solve this problem for me.

How cool is it that I can leave this boat concealed in the trunk of my fuel efficient car, and it's ready to paddle, sail or motor on Cape Cod, Newport and many other places I'll be taking it.

Sea Eagle support has been spectacular I'll mention. They recommended I wait for the sailing kit for the Fast Track or Explorer only came on the market in the past month or so. Can't complain with the deal I got though. Pros & Cons if I had gone that route. I like the option to motor, still not avail on those boats. Paddleski is more stable in rougher water, and I plan on using it on the ocean some of the time. I would like having an open cockpit vs sit on top. Some pros & cons to that too. swears by the Paddleski as their favorite kayak. They sell all Sea Eagle models. That kind of sold me. Will update my review after this summer...