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Name: hodad66

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This morning was the first paddle on my Stellar surfski...... and I didn't fall off once!! I went to Ballard Park in Melbourne because there is a sandy shoreline. Unloaded the ski from on top of my Volt & changed into something to get wet in.... The air was still "cool", sat in the bucket, pulled up my legs & waited to roll..... nothing. Started paddling, even adjusted the foot straps & still didn't roll over.

It felt so good to be back out on some glassy water, checking out all the beautiful water birds. I told my GF that this has always been like a meditation for me!! Some background, I used to kayak, waveski & surfski in the 70's but moved on to windsurfing & surfing again. Now at 66 I have the paddling bug again!

This 18 footer is a dream to carry, sit in and paddle. I have the "Advantage" layup (35 lb) and it is effortless to pick up and move. In the water this thing glides so easily that you can either set up a workout or sit back against the bucket back (very comfortable) and just cruise.

I had been looking for a kayak but found that my arthritic knees didn't agree with scrunching up to enter the cockpit.... so SOT, but which one? The new hybrid surfskis are a great answer as mine has two bulkheads, two hatches, tiedowns behind the bucket and adjustable foot braces / steering.
To say that I'm happy with the purchase is an understatement.