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A great board for beginners, and someone just looking for a stable board that is durable and easy to use. This board will withstand a lot of abuse. It tracks nicely and yet fairly easy to turn.This board will give the user years of enjoyment and hours of pleasure. The color and the graphics are pretty cool too. Pros Looks, stability, durability, and ease of use. Cons Usage The board is used for exercise, and touring. Walking on the water as they say.

A lower price range board, very durable,on the heavy side. Good board for beginners and rental company's. I found it to be a stable board easy to use if you are new to SUP. It has a built in fin and comes with a bungee on bow to carry things. Like the pfd you are supposed to wear or have with you. This is a good board a family could use without shelling out a lot of bucks and knowing it would last. Pros Durability, very stable, price . Cons weight and ability to go to windward. Usage exercise, touring, fun, just getting out on water.