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Name: zep155

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This is an amazing little stove if you're looking for something simple to use, light weight, super small, and downright reliable. I take this when camping, kayaking, and hiking whenever I'm planning to cook some meals or require heated/hot water. I've even packed it on day long fly-fishing excursions to cook a hot meal while streamside for lunch. It's so small, and it hides anywhere you need it to. Simply screw it onto a fuel canister, light, and you're cooking. It's super easy to use. Maintenance is simple too (when needed - which isn't often at all!) It's small components cool quickly as well, if you need to cook/eat/pack quickly to move on. I couple it with the MSR Titan Kettle. An IsoPro canister nests within the kettle, so it doesn't take much room to pack all of your cooking apparatus needs. I honestly cannot think of any negatives to this stove. The only roadblock you would run into is if you need to heat/cook a large amount for many people. This stove is great for solo or dual person use. There are other stoves better designed for larger output cooking.