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Name: Shiver

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14TT great solo canoe with gear very stable on river, bobs about on lake crossings, when the swells pick up, 2 up on river was a little unstable at times, have considered moving front seat back a notch to see if that improves the weight distribution, would be interested to hear if anyone has done this for the same reasons, bearing in mind front passenger was large guy and boat was very flat in water perhaps front heavy ! 2 up on lake when swell kicked in was hard work on several occasions, and very unstable crossing on side wind, but did not flip over, taking bigger waves head on where possible, very bobby, would recommend 16 foot for lake and would recommend if taking on a lake to look at some kind of outrigger as a precaution. Otherwise, I love it and know its limitations, and as long as you know them its a very fine craft, a little heavy to lift, but manageable. I have kitted out with covers and the usual floatation front and back.

All in all Very happy with my 14TT. Best solo I've had, no warping hull contrary to some reviews I've heard.