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Name: suiram

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My credentials - ACA OWI, BCU 4* Sea, 5.9 @ 150 & gear, 30 inseam.
I took this boat surfing on 30-35kt winds and 8ft seas, 5 day long guided trip, teaching, various paddles.

First, I need to make a disclaimer: Each boat has a designed purpose, and without talking over features with the designer, I can not criticize them. I will try to express my displeasure with certain aspects without imposing paddling preferences; my rating is based on subtracting single point for the dislikes.

Boat loves going straight. It is quite narrow, provides enough deck height for reasonably efficient torso rotation. It edges quite easily, and paddler needs to edge it to unlock both bow and stern. This latest feature becomes liability when paddling heavily loaded boat in conditions requiring constant directional correction - tandem/contact tow in following seas being one example.

Surfs smallest swells, easy to correct direction with edging/rudders, etc.
Very maneuverable on flat water, a lot of edging is required. On heavier seas situation is trickier but quite similar.
Stability - you have to get used to it, I seal launched it off 1 ft. height PWC docks without much aggravation.

Now, my biggest peeve is the hatches. They are all different - bow round KayakSport, day round PH, stern - oval VCP. In my boat, the bow was dryish, the others leaked. VCP hatch is double sealed on VCP boats, not on this copy. As someone mentioned, you need to acquire specialized packing skills for longer trips

Cockpit was 1-2 inches too short - as an instructor or guide I want to be able to get in and out quickly and easily.

If you want to cover distance and don't care about playfulness, this might be a boat for you.

Had Autoloaders for 2 years now. Boats carried - 16x22 plastic SK…

Had Autoloaders for 2 years now.
Boats carried - 16x22 plastic SK, 17x20.5 fg SK, 17.6x21.5 fg SK, 6.3x25.5 plastic WW.
Works very well, love the ramp.
The only complaint - cannot use 1.5 inch straps - reason for 9 out of 10.