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Name: Nmsquares

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I bought my Riot Edge 13 at the end of last season as I was looking for a lighter boat that was affordable. It has not disappointed me yet! Not only is it lighter than my last boat, it is fast! Thermofoam is a great material and makes me feel like I'm driving a sports car! It is Ferrari red after all!!! The rudder provides excellent tracking and even without it the boat tracks with the least of effort. The only issue I have is the hatch covers don't keep the water out completely like my other boat did. However, I do keep all my gear in dry bags just to be safe. I finally sold my other kayak this summer as i was sure I made the right choice.

I love the beauty of wood and my Bending Branches Impression kayak paddle is a beauty to look at, and extremely functional to use! I get a lot of compliments when I\\'m out on the water. The different shades of basswood make it a piece of art that is extremely functional and reliable. The ferrule is made of composite material and is as good as the day I started using it 3 years ago. It is light and slices through the water nicley. In the off season I have it in my living room as a peice of art along side a 4 foot carved wooden kayak!

I bought this boat last year as I wanted a lighter boat to carry and load on my SUV. What a beauty!!! Fast, sleek and light. Perfect for sandy beach landing on our Island.