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I don't normally sign up for sites just to review things; however, I figured I would do some people the service of letting them know what a great kayak the Vue 100 is since I myself couldn't find much on it when researching what sit-on-top kayak I wanted to purchase.

Evoke Paddlesports is a seemingly small company only located in a few states. I myself purchased one from a small garage-based store in Pennsylvania. For the value, you won't find anything that competes directly beside maybe the Pescador 12' (assuming you even want a 12-foot kayak). The Vue 100 offers adjustable footrests, a robust two-strap adjustable back-rest, a cool cargo style net to hold your gear in the back, and two fairly spacious water-resistant storage areas (a suspension-pouch comes included in each storage well).

It's seriously a great kayak. It's easy to maneuver, tracks well, and is fairly stable. I should note that anyone above 200 lbs might find the initial stability a little lacking (a friend who weighs a little over 250 lbs tried my kayak and felt uncomfortable getting in from the shallows). I personally think the initial stability is good (I weigh 180 lbs). For those of you that fish, I wouldn't recommend this kayak if you're looking for something you can stand up in. I tried to stand up in the kayak on a calm lake and fell in the water (and flipped the kayak). I don't count this as a strike against the kayak since many other kayaks are the same way. The kayak, however, is stable enough to dangle your feet off the side.

The kayak can keep up a moderate pace, but is by no means a speed demon. Longer kayaks will be faster. The seat is comfortable for about two hours, after which my bum did start to feel a little numb -- nothing a little foam or gel insert can't fix. The kayak also has bungee straps to keep your paddle by your side if you're taking a break from paddling.

A few other qualms to note about the kayak:
- it's hard to access the front storage compartment while using the kayak (the more of your weight you shift to the front, the less stable it feels)
- storage compartments are only water-resistant, not waterproof (if you flip, it leaks a little bit of water)
- adjustable foot rests are hard plastic, and can get uncomfortable after a while (they feel cheap)

Despite my qualms and minor issues with the kayak, I can't help but give it a 9/10. It's just the best value for the money that I could find. If you can find a distributor, I would highly recommend you consider the Vue 100. It's a kayak that can almost do it all and it looks good while doing it too. I picked mine up for $450. If you can find a good deal on one, get it. If you have to pay full price, I'd still highly recommend you keep it in your consideration (though Wilderness Systems for full MSRP might be better).