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Name: pfontova

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I love this boat!! I have a Sandpiper and was looking to get a slightly bigger boat. The Vagabond is basically just a longer Sandpiper so I decided to try the new Argosy. In addition to being a foot longer than the Sandpiper, it has more rocker, tumblehome and depth. It is narrower at the gunwales but the overall width is a little wider.

I was concerned that it might be difficult to make it go straight because of the added rocker. Well that has not been a problem at all. It handles very well, moves swiftly through the water and holds a lot of gear. Although I don't like to carry a lot of stuff I could if I wanted to and it just feels roomy.

I've taken it out several times - twice on day trips and three times on overnight trips. On all trips there was some moving water but also some stretches of flatwater. It has performed perfectly so far. But I have to insert a word of caution – this is not for a beginner paddler. I loaned my boat to someone relatively new to paddling and she had a lot of trouble maneuvering it and keeping it straight.

It’s great on moving water. If you’ll be doing mostly flatwater paddling, this is not the boat you want.

This is a fun boat but I wouldn't recommend it for big paddlers. I had great fun with it on the beach - what I bought it for - playing in the waves in Pensacola. My teenage daughter totally loves it. She thinks it is her boat now. She used it on the Hiwassee (Class II) and on the Okatoma (Class I). It is very maneuverable, turns on a dime, so doesn't really track great. It is light, easy to cartop and carry and easy to store. For the price it is a great boat. We used it more this summer than any of my 4 other boats!!