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Name: kauaiguy

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Purchased this kayak used about a week ago. According to serial number appears to be a 2008 model and also says BLEM in front of serial number. I am 65 years old 5'9" and weigh 185. I also own two older double hatch and one newer TW Scupper Pros.

I live on Kauai and primarily use my kayaks for paddling Na Pali coast and camping at Kalalau beach. Just back from a five day camping trip along coast. I love the big tankwell for bringing along a large cooler, very stable in rough seas and tracks well (I do have rudder) The bow area is much smaller than my Scuppers and holds less gear, the hatch seal is terrible and kayak always had 2 to 3 inches of water in it, very poor design. You would think a company with Ocean as it's first name could design a water tight hatch.

This is a decent kayak but I still prefer my old Scupper Pro's

Just purchased a pair of 2004 Bimini's and paddled for the first time yesterday, so this will be my initial feelings. I also own 2 old Scupper Pro's, a Necky Dolphin, a OK Prowler Trident 13 and a Aquaterra Prism. I paddle the rivers on Kauai in the winter but prefer to spend my time in the ocean once summer surf arrives. Paddle the Na Pali coast regularly, I'm 5'10" and weigh 185, 64 years old.

Initial response is I'm going to love these kayak's for touring, very stable and tracking is excellent, the hatch seals work well and plenty of room for all my camping equipment, the cooler well is perfect for Kauai trips, handles chop great with just a little bit of spray.

The negatives are: The Yakima rudder system is cheap and plastic and sticks too high above the deck. I have already broken a blade when unloading the kayak. Kalalau and north shore beaches can have big surf even in the summer and it's inevitable you and your kayak will be rolling onto the beach. I see nothing but problems. One other negative is the seat area is very wet, no big deal for me as water never below 75 degrees. I will add a pad to raise my butt up...
A fantastic kayak and would rate a 10 if not for the crappy rudder system.