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Name: sandyk

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We had tossed around the idea of a canoe or kayaks and settled on kayaks so my bf could fish and I could not have to. Looked around at several places and found ours at a tent sale at Dick's Sporting Goods I think. The size and weight (only 36#) caught our eyes at once but the real clincher was the color. I just hate the reds, neon greens and oranges and this model came in tan! Only been kayaking once before, with a group of people but took to this by myself easily. I think it tracks well enough for me, it's very comfortable and I can carry it fairly easily. I've even gone through some (very small) rapids and have never felt tippy at all. This was absolutely the best purchase I've made in years besides my jeep! I live on the coast and would like to try some ocean kayaking in some of the bays around here, so i'll let you know how the kayak handles.