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Name: Greypaddle

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My wife & I are in our 60's, and started recreational kayaking several years ago. We bought all 3 sections of the Tequila Spring 2015 to carry in our short-bed pick-up truck when we go camping & tow our camping trailer. It was purchased from Imarine and came with a small fixed rubber skeg. Packaged in 3 boxes, one of them was ready to fall apart on arrival. Amazingly there was no damage worth worrying about.

When we tried it out on our closest lake, the solo version, as expected, didn't track real straight due to it's short length, but it was controllable. Since we bought this to use mainly as a tandem on camping trips, it was a big disappointment to find tracking almost nonexistent when using 3 sections. It liked to go left & right without trying, but not straight. I glued on 2 "Kayak Skeg Tracking Fins" available at Amazon ($18 or $19ea.). I couldn't mount one on the center line since it wouldn't fit the contour, so put one on each side of the center on the rear section. Works great & tracks very well now!

One other complaint, with my 6'2" ht. & 34" inseam, I needed one more notch for my feet than what is provided, causing my knees to interfere with paddling. I get around this by extending my legs flat and resting my feet in the storage compartments along the side. I have to sit in the rear, and my Teva sandals allow my feet to be comfortable this way.

Maybe because we are older, I needed to add much better seats, which we found at West Marine. And now we are pretty happy with it. We usually paddle for an hour or two on the scenic lake where we like to camp.