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Name: bbuelo

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Needed a longer paddle to go with a wide SOT fishing kayak. Bending Branches Angler Ace was a great choice in 260cm. Allows me to paddle with lower angles and stay dry. Very light weight and strong - light weight is a huge benefit after a long day of paddling and casting. The 40" measure on the handle keeps another piece of gear from cluttering my deck. Awesome paddle and made in USA (Wisconsin!)

Purchased the Stealth 14 to fish in Wisconsin on lakes and rivers and it is extremely stable. While I don't do surf launches like the coastal yakers, so far the hatches have been dry through windy/wavy conditions and rain. Malibu must have figured out the hatch leaking problems reported in past years.

Only reason I gave it a 9 instead of 10 is that it is a bit slow and takes time to turn. My teenage kids in their 12' Old Towne consistently kick my butt in straight line paddling. Make sure you get a paddle on the longer side as this is wide and with the seating position the 230cm I purchased at the same time was way too short. I have a 260cm now and it is really nice.

Can't wait to take it out on big water like Green Bay and Lake Michigan later this summer and in fall for trout and walleye. I love this fishing machine and the storage it provides.