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Wood cedar strip canoe. Absolutely beautiful workmanship. And performance top-notch. Paddles well tandem/empty and even better loaded with camping gear. Can also be used solo but I bought primarily to use tandem and for camping. Tracks very good and very stable. Just returned from a 2 day paddling camping trip wit my 9yo and canoe performed terrific! Builder/Owner of Kedros Canoes, Tom Niesen, is very knowledgeable and helpful in deciding what model to choose. His work is outstanding and of high quality. The end product beautiful and most important very functional and with great performance! If your wanting that cedar strip canoe you've always dreamed about look up Kedros Canoes! You won't be disappointed!

I have a red Kodiak. It tracks well and is great for large bodies of water, very stable. It is slow and I don't like the spray skirt set-up, it doesn't take a standard spray-skirt the one folbot gives is velcro. Also because of my size/build my achilles rests right on one of the ribs and is very uncomfortable. The bracing is bad and uncomfortable as well. My knees stick out above the cocpit when trying to brace [I'm 6ft. tall]. assembly is easy and the price nice compared to other foldables and hardshells. but I wouldn't want to paddle this boat on a long trip. folbot needs to come up with something more sleek and a boat with hatches would be great. I never used the rudder because it wasn't needed.