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Name: spliffed

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My wife bought me a Pungo 120 for my birthday and I love it. It is nice and fast for a 12 footer and super stable. I like the console that comes with it and do not think I will add a rod holder or anything because I fly fish out of it and it would just add more snag spots.

The seat is very comfortable and easy to adjust. I have spent 6 hours fishing in it and did not get any butthurt or sore legs. I have a bad back and need a little recline to sit back and stretch occasionally and it is very easy to make happen in the Pungo.

Did I mention how light it is? I was originally going to purchase a 10 footer because I wanted something under 50lbs, for them days that I want a quick paddle and don't feel like lugging my heavy s.o.t.. This fit the bill perfect weighing just under that mark.
I am very happy with my Pungo 120.

This may not be the best kayak out there but it is definitely the best for the money. It tracks well, glides nice and paddles fast. I can get up to 5 mph with a moderate pace on flat water. It is very stable as long as your bum stays in the seat. You can sit sideways and soak your feet on a hot day.

Plenty of storage with 2 compartments within reach while paddling. It even came with a rod holder for us fisherman and space to add more and a milk crate fits perfect right behind your seat. It handles chop well and stays dry if you have the scuppers plugged but I keep them unplugged near my feet and a little water comes in but it does not change the performance and if a big wave or boat wake hits, you will not get swamped. Even if swamped you will still float.

If you are a beginner on a budget, do not hesitate to buy this.

My buddy let me try his for the day and I am now an SUP fan. Great for fly fishing. Pros Stable and not too heavy. Cons While fly fishing my line got caught up in the straps a couple times but it is easily fixed. Usage Touring and fishing.

This paddle has paid for itself already. I use it to retrieve all those lost lures that people leave behind. It is nice and stiff too and not heavy at all. I even use it as a push pole and it has not folded on me. A great paddle and a great price.

A great kayak for someone concerned about stability. If you are looking for speed look elsewhere or add on a trolling motor(I did). It is stable and I was able to stand and fly fish when the water was calm. A great beginner kayak or for someone on a budget.