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The A/M 24 Inflatable Life Vest is so comfortable you forget you have it on. This is a type II vest made by Oynx. It is auto or manual inflation.

Pro - No padding on the back to make sitting in you kayak seat uncomfortable Doesn't interfere with casting when fishing You forget you have it on Auto or manual m

Con - Not suitable for white water kayaking

The fiberglass shaft Bass Pro Ascend Tournament Kayak Paddle is an affordable light weight upgrade to any aluminum shaft entry level paddles. They feature a fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades and light fiber glass shaft and adjustable feather angle. It also has a a notch to assist with lure recovery.

I found this paddle to be a big improvement over my old aluminum shaft paddles. The notch for line for lure recovery has come in handy but can catch vegetation if going through Lilly pads or similar. This can be over come with a small piece of Gorilla tape to cover it up if needed. this paddle has proven to be durable.

Overall can't be beat for $79.

I actually bought the Loon 126 standard and rigged it myself for less than the $100 up charge for the Angler Version. Only difference is the recessed rod holders and anchor trolley. I don't like flush mount rod holders so put a pair of Wise adjustable recessed mount rod holders behind the seat and another on the removable console. The Loon 126 is fast and easy to paddle. The removable console has a gear track ideal for mounting your depth finder. You could even put a battery for your depth finder in the removable console if you liked. I chose to just put it behind the seat. Your depth finder can read through the hull so no need to make something to hang it over the side. The hulls are made of Polylink 3 and are very durable.

In the past I have used the Wise Rod Holders and they held up well for a value priced item. It seems the quality isn't what it used to be. I left my old Wise rod Holders on my Loon 138 kayak when I sold it and bought a new set for for my new Loon 126. The new ones haven't lasted one season. The problem is the small white plastic piece used to keep the rod retaining ring on falls off. It was held on by a rivet. When this happens the white ring that holds the rod down can pop off.

The old axiom "You get what you pay for" has proven true again

I chose the Attwood Deck Mount Rod Holder to use on the front of my Old Town Loon 126. It comes with a base that allows side mount or surface mount. The surface mount was perfect to attach to the removable work deck. I have used several brands of rod holders in the past and the Attwood is much more sturdy than the others. There are more expensive rod holders but these are just as good if not better. I put cheaper ones in the rear and wish I went with the Attwood deck mount.

The Haul-Master Truck Bed Extender makes it possible to easily transport your 12 foot or longer kayak in your short bed pick up. The only improvement they might add is built in lights. I recommend getting some magnetic mount tail lights and zip tie them to the support. If the bed extender came with lights I would give it 5 stars.

Perfect replacement for my Loon 138

Made from Old Towns 3 layer process, it will last forever. tracks well and glides effortlessly, great seat and nice removable work deck. It was a perfect replacement for my 1999 Old Town Loon 138. It is lighter and easier to load and unload. I expect it will have good resale value years from now like the 138 did. Rigged mine for fishing with 3 rod holders, fish finder, anchor trolley and tackle bag secured behind the seat.

Indestructable Rec yak also great for fishing.

I sold my 1999 Old Town Loon 138 because it was just getting too heavy for me to man handle. Replaced it with a current Old Town Loon 126 and rigged it for fishing myself. Added 2 flush mount adjustable rod holders behind the seat, fish finder and a rod holder on the work deck, anchor trolley and a soft tackle bag behind the seat. Spent far less then the $100 extra for the Angler package. The 126 glides effortless and I like the work deck it comes with. It is made out of the 3 layer Polylink material so it is indestructible.

Love my Loon 138. The cockpit is big enough to fish out of or bring along one of the grand kids. It is very stable and tracks well. It is also fast for its size. The polylink 3 material is almost indestructible. I had to do something stupid to dump it and discovered it won't sink even filled with water.

The only negative is the weight, but that is why it is so durable. If your lucky enough to come by a used Loon 138 don't pass it up as they are out of production.