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I bought the woodsman lll royalex 16.6 ft canoe from Galyen's sporting goods. Bell made it for them to sell. It weighs 62 pounds and wicker seats and plasic rails. I was out in it today on 3/9/02 and the wind was 20-25 miles per hour on my favorite lake. the waves were choppy and the canoe handled great and the boat was dry after 5 hours of fishing. It is very stable and tracks pretty good. I look forward to a weekend canoe trip in it very soon. Quality boat and I am very happy. J. Summers, Victor NY

I got my boat last April of 2000 and have put hundreds of hours on the thing. I do nothing but fish out of it, and it is stabble enough for 2 guys to stand and fish no problem. I own a 5 horse Honda 4 stroke and put it on the back. On the front I attached an old town motor bracket and run my trolling motor up front. the 2 things that I don't like are the flexibility of the hull and the nightmare it is to try and paddle. If you don't use a motor on it don't buy it. The old town discovery sport a better all around canoe but for the money this one can't be beat. I will put even more hours on it this summer and I can't wait.