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Name: ninacnm

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I love this kayak. The boat can feel a bit tippy due to a rather deep V hull, but has good secondary stability with hard chines. Not a beginner kayak or one that anyone can like. but I find the tracking is good and the skeg does the job when weather cocking is an issue. This boat is fun for playing in the waves, The deck is a bit higher than one might expect for an LV. Even though I'm 4'10" I don't find this to be a problem. The fit is great for a small person and there is plenty of room to adjust the pegs for someone with longer legs. I like that the seat is on a track which can be adjusted while in the boat. It is a very comfortable seat too. Great feature for longer trips. The hatches are roomy. I find this to be a great kayak for day trips, tours of a few days or playing in the surf.

I have been trying a variety of kayaks over a period of several years. This was not on my "wish list" but a dealer suggested I give it a try. I liked this boat so much I bought the dealer model rather than wait (and spend more) to order one. The Fathom LV is great for smaller people like me. It has a deep V hull so it moves and tracks well. The hard chines make it a bit harder to edge but give it secondary stability. I find the seat really comfortable. I was having a lot of issues with pain and numbness in my hips and legs with other boats. Not with the Fathom LV. The seat slides in a track and can be adjusted on the water. The back rest can be raised or lowered as well. I like having a day hatch. The cover is very tight so water stays out, but it is too tight to open and close while on the water. The other hatches are water tight. Very happy with this boat.

I went to a local place with another kayak in mind. They urged me to try a few other boats. Came back to shore and bought the demo model on the spot.

I have been out several times now including a ten mile trip with head winds. Very little weather cocking. Easy to correct. Half dropping the skeg was enough to control this. Very little splash when hitting the waves. I actually found the boat to be a lot of fun when the water picked up. I recently broke my femur and have a very weak leg But I have had no difficulty with comfort or control. The sear and seat back have adjustments so you can really fine tune the fit. Important since I am 4'10" and 60 years old. Really happy with this beauty. (Note: the members of my kayak group were also impressed)