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Name: rainynights

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Capsurz products are as good as advertised! I been out kayaking on very windy days, and thanks to Capsurz, I always come home with my hat still on my head! Luv it!

I've had my Escape for 2 yrs now. NC painted mine a beautiful purple & hot pink! Everywhere I go, people tell me how awesome my kayak looks. It is very lightweight at 41 lbs. It's fast, tracks well, and has great secondary stability. It handles the rough waters with no problems. Tons of storage space. As for the seat, it's so comfortable! I can paddle for hours & never get a sore bottom. My other kayak I had to use a seat pad. The only thing I would change is having a day hatch behind the cockpit. But all in all.... it's a great kayak at a great price!

I have a 2 piece, 210cm, carbon shaft Kiska paddle. The blade is made of a basalt/carbon mix. My paddle is very lightweight but very strong. It has a nice bite, clean release and no flutter! The paddle comes apart very easily, which is very important. One of my other 2 piece paddle from a different company, had to be sprayed each time before I used it or it would not pull apart.

Nimbus offers a great lightweight carbon paddle for half the price as some other companies. Nimbus will make your paddle to whatever specs you want. You don't have to go by the standard 220cm, 230cm etc. I received my paddle about 1 week after placing my order. I'm very happy I found this company. I got a great paddle,& saved a ton of money!