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Name: escalonrod

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I bought a roylex morning star., it's my first boat. I use it for small lakes and mild rivers. I was thinking of a getting Wenonah Adirondack, or the morning star. and found a morningstar at Mr canoes paddle sports, in N.Calif.Tom gave me a great deal on the boat paddles pfds etc. I went to a small lake by arnold calif. I met a guy their who had a adirondack, and several other boats, he went with me in my canoe and showed me the proper way to jstroke and other strokes. he said he thought my morning star was a little faster, and handled really good. I know wenonah makes really good canoes, but the finish on the bell is much nicer. so far everytime I take it out someone coments on how nice it looks. Now I'm new at this but for my purpose so far I rate it a ten, I don't know what else I could want in a canoe.