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Name: horrocks007

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Wow! What a beautiful boat. I own a Necky Zoar Sport, and I am fairly new to Kayaking. I bought this Kayak for my girlfriend so she could join me in this awesome sport. I got her kayak on sale for $900.00 and it came with two bulkheads and a rudder.

I think this kayak is perfect for someone who is new to the sport of kayaking. The boat is very maneuverable, not tipsy, but is slower than my Necky Zoar.

The Boreal Kasko rudder system is simple, yet effective which I see as an advantage. The Hatches on the bulkheads are designed much better than any kayak I've seen in the below $1000.00 range. The seat, though not fancy with air cushion gizmos, cup holders, and triple adjustment systems is actually quite nice. The height of the back cushion is perfect for wearing your life jacket, and the seat is firm but comfy.

This kayak is beautiful, and all parts, design and shape has convinced me that Boreal Design did not cut corners in making this craft. I will heavily consider this manufacturer when it comes time to upgrade my out of my Necky Zoar Sport.