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Name: brawleytj

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I've had a WS Tarpon 120 for 5 months and love it. It is at home in the Fla. Gulf -handles some chop and swells without problem, handles fishing jaunts along the coastline wonderfully, and is a dream to use in the Intercoastal waterway and rivers around here. It is also great for scuba or snorkeling as is very easy to get in and out of. It rides dry, turns well and while not particularly fast, let's me keep up with most of the 14' kayaks here with no problem. It is stable for fishing, has LOTs of storage with a large rear well, a large hatch at the bow, and two smaller hatches (1 aft of the seat and one forward). Wilderness Systems changed the screw type hatch covers to a pop on type and this is a nice improvement. Plenty of storage for scuba, fishing or camping gear, and drafts in about 3" of water for me. The kayak is very well thought out, extremely popular in SW Florida, and I want to thank Wilderness Systems for a great product.