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I'm a novice, so take this with a grain of salt. I was in a kayak for the first time this Memorial Day weekend and ended up putting in over twelve miles (using GPS odometer) of incredibly fun kayaking with this boat in conditions varying from calm to windy, river to blowing, stormy Lake Huron and two foot plus white caps. What a blast! I was so nervous about kayaking initially. These boats were really fun. I got them at "Costco" in Michigan for $325.00 each including a car top carrier, a paddle and the skirt that goes around you and seals the boat from water. The backrest is adjustable, bungees on the front and a watertight storage on the back. I know these are introductory boats, but they have turned me into a fanatic! I would recommend them to anyone looking to try it out. I think they served well in most conditions, excepting in big waves and high winds where I'd give them a 6 on a 1-10 because they would get driven off course by wind and wave action. I'm sure because they're shorter. But they sure turn nicely and are very stable. These boats are great.