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In Sept. 2001, I bought two Maximum Velocity kayaks in Ottawa (Canada) for $1100. each. My wife and I love going out in them, and given their durability, we have no qualms about letting our (novice) friends and family take them out on the lake too. With the skeg down, even weak paddlers track well. I've noticed that in windy weather and rough waves the kayak sits on the water. I've never feared it would tip over. The front hatch on one boat leaks a bit...I don't know why. It's easy enough to drain, though. The skeg on both kayaks seem off line (crooked), but I guess they can be fixed with washers. I use my skeg less often as my paddling technique gradually improves. I pull my 5-year-old granddaughter behind the kayak; she's either in an inflatable rubber boat or on a windsurf board tied to the stern kayak handle. She loves going for a ride around the lake behind her granddad! Our rather-large lake has about 100 cottages and about 20 noisy boats. More and more, though, I'm seeing other kayaks. Over time, I hope to see these polluting motors disappear while the kayaks take over the lake!! It's not mentioned often, but the kayak gives a great upper-body workout. So it's not just fun and games, it's good for you.