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I was searching the internet for a cheap inflatable to use this summer on a small lake for fishing. I found the Qayak website and after drilling them with several questions decided to take a chance on an unknown boat. Fifteen years ago my first "kayak" was a Sevylor Tahiti which I wore out over the next four years. Since then I’ve owned about 12 hard shell boats the remaining two being a Dagger Calisto and a Prijon Eski.

So anyway, the other day I tried it out for the first time. It’s good, for the price it’s real good. For its intended use it will work fine. Mine measured out at 32" wide by 10'6" long fully inflated. It weighs 26 lbs with the seat installed. The seating area is narrow so if you are a wide body you might want to look elsewhere or maybe at the tandem model.

The design is clever and the construction seems very good. Long term will determine that. The foot rest peg design works very well. The seat is heavy and clumsy and the seat back is too high for what I'm used to. I might just use a back band and my Sealine seat pad. The pump did not fit the Boston valves snugly enough and required a hand hold, this would be very frustrating for a newbie.

The two skeg design really helped tracking. I could not get them out after deflating so I just left them in. The mesh bag is a throw away. I made a sling carrier from a canvas grocery bag and it works well.

The boat is very comfortable on the water. I used a high angle stroke with a 220 cm Onno paddle and it tracked pretty good. It also has a bit of glide to it. It has a lower profile than most inflatables which helps in the wind.

I gave it an 8 as a boat but for the price, $214 + $25 shipping it gets a 9, have fun...

I bought a used Eski in great shape. I tried it out a few days ago. The previous reviews pretty much tell the story. This is going to be a long term ownership boat. It's very fast and resposive. I doubt there is a better 16'-6" hull on the market. I'll get back with more details after the "honeymoon" is over. For now, if you are unsure, and the deal is good, get it.

First time out, first review. It's great! The boat will be yours with a little adjustment before launching. Seat, foot bar, back band, rudder levers need to be worked carefully. Once where you need them the boat is part of you. If you are fully relaxed sitting and stroking all is well. I paddled all day and after the first hour the boat became stable and fast. I had never paddled a boat like this before and will never go back. I thought it would only be an exercise boat but wound up fishing for Black Bass from it all day on a flat water small lake. I'll post another review in a few weeks. For now, this weekend has been one of the best I've ever paddled.

I've had this boat for 3 months now and paddled it 6 or 7 times. Each time is better than the last. This little boat is incredibly quick, stable, manuverable and tracks great. If you've ever driven a British sports car or a Mazda Miata that's what this boat is like on the water. I think I've paddled around 15 different kayaks the past 10 years and the Callisto is the most fun of all of them. Dagger has decommisioned so many boats the past few years and I'm not sure why. There are still some Callistos left in dealers old stock at great prices. If you are under 200 pounds, 32 inseam and size 10 shoe don't hesitate. this boat is tops in fun per dollar.