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Name: canayen

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If I had to chose one boat to do it all, it would be a Pocket Canyon. Big enough to load a sufficient amount gear for more than week, small enough to paddle solo and tackle some good white-water. If you outfitted with a center air bag and some knee straps it is agile tandem canoe that can handle some really big water and that can be easily rolled. Light enough to keep your mouth clean while portaging on some hard trails. It is also surprisingly fast on flat water despite its rocker. A fun boat!

I have been paddling for many years. Started kayaking with them old Perception Dancers, but I started open canoeing 7 years ago. I since have tried many boats. From the new designs of Esquif to the very old ones of Blue Hole, Whitesell... Last year I decided to buy and Outrage after reading all the reviews on the net and never ever finding a review with something negative. Even if the design is old by today's standard it is still one of the best openboats out there. I've taken my Outrage on everything from canoe tripping to class V. It surfs well, tracks well, catches eddies and peels out like a king, jumps waterfalls... it does it all. I love this boat and so do all my buddies who have... the latest openboat design.