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Name: keastman

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I have an older Grumman Sport Canoe. The model with two sets of oar locks. It's kind of a hybrid between a square back canoe and small boat. I run it with either a 2 hp or 6 hp two stroke outboard. The two horse will move it at hull speed and the 6hp will make it plane but does require a foil on the anticavitation plate to make it plane. It's a very versatile boat for what I use it for which is fishing shallow creeks off the ICW in Florida. The boat poles or paddles easily once I reach my fishing locations. It's light enough to transport in the back of a pick up with a bed extender and tie downs. I can handle it alone but two people make it a whole lot easier. This boat is very popular with duck hunters.

I've had a T2 for a year now. Steve has been great to work with. Initially I had a problem with the blade becoming unglued but he immediately resolved it with animproved adhesive and it has been going strong since. I don't believe you can compare this paddle to any others in it's price range. It is so light it amost flew out of my hand when I first started using it. Better paddles can certainly be had but at a much greater price. I would buy this paddle again.