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Name: kayakbasser

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I've been paddling Pungos for about 10 years now so I guess I'm qualified to do my first review. I've been a kayak fisherman for about 20 years and have been through close to 20 yaks and the Pungo 120 is by far my favorite. They are not good for all conditions, but for lakes, bays and slow rivers they are hard to beat. They are fast(for a 12 footer), stable and durable. The large cockpit makes it easy to enter, exit and to fish from, but also makes it unsuitable for rough conditions. Also if your paddling a river with a lot of current the keel makes it harder to handle, but the keel keeps it tracking straight on flat water. I would have given the 120 five stars if they had floatation in the front, but Wilderness Systems stopped putting front floatation in the 120 several years ago. I've added a front float bag to my newest Pungo and would encourage anyone buying one to do the same. (The bags are cheap insurance). So would I buy another - absolutely!