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Excellent boat! Tracks well, turns well, great price, fun fishing or just cruising boat....Let's face it, few of us are going to be doing hardcore expeditions. Just get a boat that's fun, fun, fun! Add grab handles for $12.50 (plus shipping) from Austin canoe & kayak if you want something more to help car top. For the money you CANNOT beat this boat. I have 6 other kayaks/canoes and this is my new favorite!

A great little pack canoe! The complete kit costs about $600 and you can expect to add another $150 for miscellaneous supplies. It took me about 4 months to finish the boat, but if you don't have anything else going on in your life, it can probably be completed in about a month. It's a super light-weight boat that tracks very well for its size. The initial stability is very poor, but the secondary stability is fairly good. It has become my new favorite fishing buddy! I chose to put a traditional style canoe seat instead of the kayak style seat the kit comes with. It's a very enjoyable boat that won't break you back or wallet. However, if you are new to the game just remember it's fairly tippy until you get used to it.

--- Manufacturer's Response: I would like to make a comment with regards to the boat stability. The Sassafras 12 is designed to use a kayak paddle. Hence the kayak seat, which is positioned low in the boat. By using a standard canoe seat (not recommended), this will reduce the stability. With the standard kayak type seat, the boat is very stable. ~Ed from CLC