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Name: lmhernandez78

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We purchased a used Aruba last summer for our son. He showed interest and I found this little yak. It is a durable yak which is a must with boys, it is also very stable which is very important to a beginner. They usually come with a paddle too making them an excellent value for beginners. Being that this is a smaller boat, it is sized for children and small adults. I am 5'6'' and am comfortable in this little yak. It is also easy to maneuver. My son is a beginner, only being out a few times, but I have no doubt that his good experiences with his Aruba are to credit him wanting to continue.

We got to test this AWESOME tandem at a "Day at The Park" outing. They wouldn't let me paddle with my daughter, and they wouldn't let my son paddle alone. Solution? This Awesome Kayak!!! I was a bit nervous because I have not paddled such a long boat in some time. My son is a beginner and my daughter is a rambunctious preschooler. I thought that at best we would end up out in the middle of the lake, capsized, bobbing until we got rescued. (the mom mind!)

I am so impressed with this kayak. It was a joy to paddle. My son and I had no problem paddling this yak at all! It was very easy to handle and maneuver. We fit in it VERY comfortably and it was very stable. My daughter was bouncing from side to side, so excited to be on the water. never once did I feel that we were going to tip, let alone flip it over. This is my dream yak and someday I am going to have one!

I purchased this kayak for lakes and slow rivers. I LOVE this kayak! It's is perfect for a beginner or advanced. It is very stable and comfortable. I enjoy wildlife watching as I paddle so stability is a must. It is fairly easy to maneuver, but quick if you want it to be. This is also a great boat at an awesome price. Old Town is a great company with a great product! They have a customer in life with me!!!