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Name: quiet_peace

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I bought a Bluewater Saugeen 16'6" about 35 years ago, one of the original light nylon kevlar layups weighing about 48 lbs. This canoe has been terrific and holds many wonderful memories traveling lakes, paddling meandering rivers with overhanging trees, passing singing gravel beds and running standing rapids - feeling the splash of water on my thighs as Grey Owl might say.

This old Bluewater has travelled many of Grey Owl's favorite Canadian shield rivers fondly told of in the books by this popular Canadian environmentalist in the early part of the last century. It has been a true best all-purpose canoe that has carried my wife and I on day to week long trips. The canoe has been a part of my family, helped share our enjoyment of canoeing with our young kids who now in turn grown up take it out on trips of their own. It has been shared with friends who have ensured many more memories.

The original wood gunnels and cane seats have been refurbished and the hull has the markings of the many years of use including the knocks received from rocks in rapids. Still it remains a beautiful canoe to handle and receives many compliments.