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Name: kor4pres

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Loved the boat! It's light, it moves very well, and it was easy to keep on course. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get moving and keep it there. I'm sure full touring boats would get up to speed easier, but as for keeping the boat moving, it was a breeze.
Plenty of storage, a little tight for my size 13s, but nothing unmanageable. The foot pegs could stand to be able to go down one or two more notches. The seat is really comfortable, too. Given my size (6'1", 280lbs--probably the reason it took a little work to get it up to cruising speed....), the boat has been nothing but a perfect choice for a rec kayak that goes fast (or an entry touring that keeps up just fine). They designate it a hybrid. I designate it excellent. I was using mine on a nice calm lake, and was able to sneak up on turtles and herons with impunity. I've not taken it out in inclement weather of any sort--just haven't had the chance.
It's gorgeous, too! It's a nice, bright yellow, with a hint of lime green that comes out on the portions that catch the light. Very shiny, like the more expensive composites. The 52lb weight is definitely a shoulder-saver when car-topping.

Basically, if it just had a little more foot-space, and slightly longer adjustments for the foot-pegs, it'd be a 10.

We absolutely love the little Adventure 14! We haven't had the chance to take it out in anything but very nice weather, so I won't be able to comment about anything other than some power boat wakes (which it handled deftly and easily). I don't know where the tippy impression came from, with the first review--this thing was incredibly stable--maybe they weren't used to the secondary stability (it is somewhat like a kayak on the bottom).

Great tracking, especially for a 14' canoe and was very easy to keep in a straight line. Was easy to turn as well. The seats are a dream. Of course, as it is a 14' boat, you're not going to be getting all that much gear in for extended trips (short ones would be easy), but day trips are a blast. It's making me wonder what the 16' version would be like. I'd recommend it to anyone who wanted a fun little rec or day touring boat--it's easy and fun.