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Name: Hwoodyfine

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The Millbrook Rival is the same hull design as the no longer made Dagger Rival. Since it is made of Kevlar and S-glass, it is wonderfully light (34 pounds with saddle and straps installed). The light weight helps on the water but is wonderful off the water. It is so easy to carry and load on my car.

This canoe is quick and dry; it's a great all around white water canoe. My Millbrook Rival is strong, light and clearly made to be used rather than displayed. Even with paying for cross-country shipping, it was totally affordable.

The only reason I didn't rate it a 10 is the inherent trade-off that comes with paddling a composite w-w canoe. If you really use it, there will be occasional repairs. Just finished my first repair yesterday and it was easy.

I've been paddling my H2Pro for almost 15 years. It's been down Hells Canyon twice, the Rogue River 3 times, the Main Salmon and lots of lesser known, less challenging water. There may be better boats but this boat is forgiving and handles big water very well. I'm 52, 150 lbs and not a powerful paddler. It's a great canoe for tagging along on whitewater wilderness trips while the rafters carry your gear! I'm still using the original Old Town outfitting. Oh yeah, I bought it for my wife, so when she comes along she has first crack at it.