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Name: bwarthur

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I have been kayaking now for over 10 years (mostly recreational, but have now moved on to touring) and have owned about seven kayaks and tried many more. I picked up this kayak used a month ago, and it has been my touring boat of choice since (I currently own three touring kayaks, but not for long!).

I am about 5'10" and 185 lbs and this boat fits me perfectly, although I believe it could also hold a larger paddler quite well. The Narpa tracks well and is responsive to leans and edges. The rudder is a nice addition for windy conditions but is not needed as weather cocking is minimal. Before I owned this boat I had never figured out how to do an Eskimo roll, but after watching a few videos...I rolled this boat on the second try very easily! I love this boat and am looking forward to logging many mile in it.