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Name: topher0711

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Bought one for my girlfriend this spring, and she and I have paddled it in many situations from still water, fast river, even 4 foot swells in the Gulf of Mexico.

All in all; its a good general purpose little boat. It tracks well, very stable, and sits a little higher in the water. the molded seat back took a little getting used to, but after a few trips it was appreciated. the lack of a large dry hatch in front was a little disappointing, but for the price I can deal with it.

I would give the boat an 8 over all, but the deep cup holder and molded rod holders brings the access 11.5 up to a 9.

Love it love it LOVE IT! I've had the Mojo Angler for 3 years now and have paddled nearly every situation you can find in the south east. In well over 400 trips it's never fails me. The stability is great, tracks like a dream, and can haul those big loads for extended trips. Only draw back is the smaller deck hatch; it limits the size of gear, dry bag etc. you can store in the hull. Would buy a whole fleet of them if I could.

Best all around boat for the money! Good tracking, fast, light, and stable! Easily rigged for bay, inshore, river, or ponds. I have 3 and would buy more if need be. Large hatch for dry storage. 2 smaller hatches for convenience in mid and rear, spacious rear well with bungies will accommodate medium coolers or all the gear one could need. 10 out of 10 again and again

Awesome little boat for beginners, or old pros, it sit a little higher in the water than is bigger brother (12 foot) but still tracks well, and paddles like a dream! I have taken out all ages from 7 to 70 years of age, gulf, bay, rivers, or lakes. This little boat never fails.