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Name: patriot

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My Kestrel 14 SOT was bouncing running into the bow wave so I purchased a V8 performance. Using a GPS to track the Epic's speed is sorting out my technique; small changes are measurable with this boat. The V8 handles very well and will get up and go; well worth the money.

I recently found a new, but damaged, Kestrel SOT 14 composite in the back room of the local outfitter. After some grinding, glassing, and gel coat I took her out for a 8 mile test. Primary stability was better than expected for the high center of gravity, better than the Argosy canoe I normally paddle. It carried speed very well against the current and wind; was able to shoot up a class I rapid without eddy hopping. It tracked well and steering corrections were easily accomplished by a hard pull and lean. Secondary stability was very good which helps when edging a turn. Side draws were more effective than expected. Compared to my canoe it was extremely comfortable for my 235 lbs but not as easy to exit. Water from waves breaking over the side quickly drained from the cockpit. Why did they stop building this boat?

I tested the Wenonah Argosy and Wilderness canoes today. After reading numerous Argosy reviews with stability concerns I wasn't sure what would happen. At 6'1" and 235 lbs I may not be the typical paddler, but once I tested the secondary stability I fell in love with the Argosy's responsiveness. It was like comparing the handling of an F4 Phantom to a C130 Hercules. Maybe I'm comfortable with lean from WW Kayaking, but within an hour I was one with the boat. Great design Wenonah.