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I purchased the Montour 11 and while it's not so great for me at 6'1" 190 lbs. it's ok for my wife who weighs 120'. With me aboard it's not as fast or as easy to paddle as my 12' Victory Navigator. I paid $500 for the Montour and $250 for the Navigator at Dick's and they are made by the same company. The Montour has better fit, finish, bulkhead, and large hatch but the Navigator is a better performing boat for me. Even with the drop skeg the Montour doesn't track as well as the Navigator. The Montour has an easier to adjust seat but it's no better than the Navigator. My wife is happy with the Montour as it's a great looking boat in the blue fade and I got her a matching paddle. Kinda like matching shoes and pocketbook - you know they like that stuff.

Update - I recently purchased a Perception Montour 11 for my wife but it does not perform nearing as well as the Navigator which cost half the price. The Navigator is much faster, easier to paddle, and tracks better than the Montour which has a drop skeg. If you have a dog who loves to boat this one will carry the both of you. If you can still find one of these I'd say buy it!

Paying only $250 makes this a great boat for the price. Love the huge cockpit and so does my golden. Seat is not great and footpegs feel cheap but for $250 I can't complain. The boat tracks well, is very stable and easy to paddle. My wife has a wide bottom SOT and now she wants one of these as it's so much faster. Being a Gamecock I wish it wasn't Clemson orange!

I'd rate this SOT higher if used only as a play boat. Bought the last one for $150. Paddling with the current is easy but don't try paddling against it. Paddled it recently in a swamp against a gentle current and it was slow as molasses. Very stable and extremely comfortable but limited storage. Scupper holes keep your fanny wet which is not great in cooler temperatures. My wife loves it as it gives an even tan on your out stretched legs( unlike sit-ins ). At ten feet I can carry it inside my Town and Country minivan with two more boats on top. Looking forward to taking it to Myrtle Beach this summer where I think it will shine in the surf.