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After reviewing as many canoe manufacturer's websites as I could find in my search for a small, light canoe, I settled on a Placid Boatworks SpitFire Pack Canoe at 12 ft.long and 22lbs. of carbon fiber and kevlar. The SpitFire is a "sit-on-the-bottom" canoe, with adjustable footpedals and backband, and molded carbon fiber seat which makes for a remarkably comfortable seating position, even for my chronic lower back problem. The David Yost designed canoe has brought new fun into my paddling after owning at least 20 canoes in my 50+ years of paddling. My SpitFire has a semi-transparent maroon gelcoat, cherry gunnels and a cream colored scuffcoat bottom and is every bit as beautiful as my two wood and canvas canoes. The SpitFire is fast and surprisingly quick to turn, in spite of my minimal double paddle skills, and it glides and glides. It can be lifted out of the water with one hand and shouldered in one easy movement. Since it is designed for use with a 230 cm. double paddle, wind is not the problem it is with a single paddle. I bought Adventure Technology's Xception SL Tour Carbon OS double paddle recommended by Charlie Wilson of Placid Boatworks and it is extremely light(26 oz.), dry and quiet. Think about it, a fast, quick, stable, superlight, and comfortable canoe that is also beautiful to look at. Do whatever you need to do to get one of these canoes.