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Name: Donna107

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I bought this little sit on top kayak from Canadian tire just to see if I would enjoy being out on the water. A friend had a 10' recreational kayak and was patient enough to wait for me a few times. This is a great little thing to give kayaking a try and not spend a bunch of money. The pontoon styled front was not the best in wind or waves. There is to much room to let wind get under the front and push you around. Along with the relatively flat bottom there is no tracking. We put a sand bag in the front to bring the front down a bit but then there was more resistance to paddle against. For the most part it did decrease the slapping noise of the wave on the hull a bit. I bought a recreational kayak this year. But this little Sonic will be the fun toy at the lake for the grand kids.

I bought my pungo 120 this spring. I am very impressed with it. Last year I bought a little sit on top to see if I would enjoy being out on the water. Enjoyed it so saved for this new kayak and it is 100% better than the sit on top for staying dry and the tracking is wonderful. We live in a windy area and having that easer control has been nice. The removable dash is a great feature to give you more room in front for the kids or dogs in there with you. The durability of the plastic was a key feature for me to be able to pull it out on rough shores and not worry about damage.