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Name: jculver

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The 190 model is a dual purpose boat and is set up for dual paddling or solo paddling from the just off center third seat. It has the plastic tractor seats which on this boat is a good thing in that it keeps everyone centered and the boat stable, if you wander off-center then the boat becomes quite tipsy.

I find the boat a joy when paddled alone as it is more stable and moves effortlessly through both calm and semi rough water. With two people it becomes much harder to keep the boat stable although with two the miles click by very quickly.

The fiberglass model I have has almost no oil-canning and seems well made while remaining fairly light at 58lbs. which makes it easy to load and unload on the car alone.
I would recommend this boat for anyone looking for a very capable solo canoe but I think for tandem recreational use there my be better options.