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Name: mlopez2

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I bought this boat for an 11-mile float we run quite a bit. I have a 12' Pungo Classic and a 9.5 Sundance Perception as well. I thought this might be a closer equivalent to the Pungo. It wasn't.

I like to keep a small cooler between my feet for snacks, but the boat narrows so much, it is impossible to fit the smallest lunch bag down there. You have to put it in the hatch, which is difficult to get to moving, or have it under your knees.

If you add a half skirt for a cupholder , you can't step onto the boat without removing the skirt first or stepping into the seat and twist yourself around to get in (not desirable if you have sandy feet, then a sandy seat). I did not notice any benefit to having the skeg and I was last in the pack though I was paddling the whole way. Either of my other two boats would have been quicker.

I returned the boat. Though the store manager grumbled when he found out his clerk promised me it was returnable when I bough it, he took it back. I will look for another Pungo as it tracks much better, even without the skeg, and has the space at the foot area I prefer.

Now, I do have a friend who loved it so much he went out and bought one, but he's used to Otters. So, I guess it depends upon what your used to and what you're expectations are.