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Name: mtndog

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The Minnesota II is the perfect open water boat. It paddles best with two people and a well balanced load. Under those conditions, paddling effortlessly all day is not a problem. Very fast, and turns reasonably well for its size. I have carried my entire family and the dog in this boat...that's 4 kids, wife, plus the dog, and while it got a little tippy, paddled quite well. The only thing I noticed was that the wakes from passing boats came close to cresting the bow of the canoe, and I found myself wondering if a taller bow may have been a better choice. Nonetheless, that was the exception, not the rule, and you have to give and take on performance. My boat was the tuffweave layup and I might add that I felt it was as good as Kevlar, albeit a bit heavier. Overall, great canoe.