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Name: otterberry

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I am a long time fan of the Spitfire, purchasing a first generation model several years ago and a vacuum bagged one more recently. I primarily used the boat as a day paddler for picnics and excursions, and found I could easily keep pace with most kayaks and canoes. I am an ex-racer and inefficient hulls drive me nuts, but this boat really moves well for a 12 footer.

I recently loaded the boat for a camping trip and found it to be remarkably able to carry a load with ease. Between me and my packs, I put about 230 pounds in it, and it could have easily handled more. I also used it empty on a big lake with a following wind and had no trouble with weathercocking when I stowed a 10 pound daypack behind the seat.

Best of all, I found the Placid Boatworks folks to be excellent people to work with. I am only about 5'3" and too short to get over the gunwales with the standard seat, so the folks at Placid Boatworks put in a slightly taller seat and it's been perfect. So I am about to buy a third generation model with composite thwarts and gunwales. See you on the water!