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Name: Anthny8711

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So I have had the bali 12 SS for about year, and within that time I have grown to love it. It is more of a hybrid between a sit on top and sit in, as you sit low in the water but as the same time have all the conveniences of a sit on top. Which does have its pros and cons. By sitting so low, it makes it a very stable kayak. I have been through many different scenarios with this kayak and not once did I feel I was going to flip over. On the other hand by sitting so low, get ready to get your butt wet. But then again you should always expect to get a little wet when getting in a kayak. Sun dolphin does make the journey, which costs more, but the only difference between the Bali and the journey is the color and the fact it comes with a rod holder installed on the console. Other than that it is the same boat. It comes with two rod holders behind the seat, a small 4" hatch up front for small items and a removable sealed container with a 8" hatch in the back. Please keep in mind this kayak does not have scupper holes. So be sure to carry a sponge in case water starts to accumulate. Having had other kayaks( tarpon 120, pungo 120 ) I would give this kayak a 7.5. It is sturdy and reliable. And for the price, you cant beat it.